Miluš Kotišová

Owner, author of this "open textbook"

I work as a language coach, strategic knowledge management consultant, researcher, lecturer, translator (BLOG), and publicist ( All of the expertise is blended and transferred into an integral system of strategic language acquisition.

In the past few years, I´ve also worked with a Prague utility company as a SAP implementation tester; with one of the leading Czech banks on an SME credit process knowledge management project, and for GLE as a business advisor for foreigners who would like to set up a business in the country.

I´m co-founder and curator (2007-2009) of Otevřená univerzita for political empowerment of women.

I´m co-owner (since September 2009) of i-volby, v.o.s., a profi-social network for the dialogue between voters and politicians.

I do my best promoting new educational theories (e.g. theory of multiple inteligencies, collaborative learning, brain competible instructional models, such as Integrated Thematic Instruction, autonomous study etc.), sustainable peace studies (inspired by Costa Rica, the first country without a standing army since 1948, and Panama, the second country following suit in early 90´s), Paolo Freire´s concept of education as practice of democracy, and gender equality/ feminist theories in informal or extra-institutional settings. Now I am working on a concept of an interdisciplinary theory of educational architectonics (crossover of political sciences, education, art, IT, and science).

Previously I´d also worked for CEA (program director), The Prague Post (research editor), and prior to that for The Prague Business Journal (researcher), all of which satisfied quite well my curiosity and broad scope of interest in all areas of life.

I speak English, Spanish, German, Russian, read in Slovak, French, Hungarian, currently learning Arabic

Selected books published:

  • Šolc, Vlado: Ve jménu Boha (translation, 2012)
  • Šolc, Vlado: Archetyp otce (translation, 2009)
  • Šolc, Vlado: Matrix, Psýché, Realita: pohled na realitu očima psychologa, (translation)
  • Polansky, Paul: Living Through It Twice (poems, translation)
  • Čekání na ženský samet – book of 13 interviews with women engaged in Czech politics and/or public affairs (2006)
  • The Visible Woman – 5 of my essays were included in this collection (2007)
  • Gál, Róbert: On Wing (editing of English translation, 2008)

IČ: 617 58 370 (trade licence)